Cush Fur Tush (Body - Worn Cushion)

Background of the Invention

It started with the need, and I tried to meet the need. Snowboarders and Skiers no matter what stages you are on whether beginner, intermediate or advance you will fall, and you'll fall hard. It's just the Nature of the Sports! I always say "Cush yourself before you bruise yourself!"

There are two products that I found in the market that can be used as a Cushion. One is like underwear that has cushion on the tail bone and both sides of the hip, and the other has a plastic outer case and compacted foam inside that will support the buttocks and tail bone. I'm not quite sure of why no one is using them, perhaps the looks or the costs. I wanted to make something plain and simple, but it serves its purpose and also cost efficient.

Available in 3 sizes:

S/M 26-32"

M/L 32-38"

L/XL 38-44"


Outer Shell: 100% Neoprene

Inner Foam: 100% Durafoam

Waist Band/Leg Bands: Elastic/Velcro

Cush Fur Tush (Body - Worn Cushion)
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